SiteINSIGHTS™ — A Series for Owners Solving Environmental Problems for the First Time

Our Mission

We advise owners and their teams how to better navigate dynamic environmental challenges.

We serve communities and enterprise seeking optimal value from projects.

We invest our talents to help our clients and their teams do their best work.

We deliver the high-value outcomes that others think impossible.

Our Values

We hold true to these calls-to-action…

Be Safe

First and foremost, keep everyone unharmed.

Be Straight

Live authentically—always with forthright honesty, unbiased intent, and kind respect for everyone’s benefit.

Be Smart

Embrace optimistically all divergent views and diverse talents to create uniquely astonishing outcomes.

Be Sound

Let our ideals, community, and science inform how we think, plan, and deliver.

Be Sightful

See ourselves through other’s eyes, spot what others don’t see, and together imagine a better reality beyond today.


EEA Mission Statement
David Carlson, PG, LSP, LEP
Owner and President
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Message from the President

Things have changed, but some things never change.

What hasn’t changed is you’re running point—responsible for your company’s largest projects, programs, and portfolios posing significant uncertainties, risks, and costs, which can arise without warning and disrupt with impact.

Now things have changed and there’s pressure to deliver even more—to get business growing again, people back to work, projects completed.

We help you sustainably build your business by revealing and capturing hidden value—extracting more meaning from your data and better controlling life-cycle costs.

As owner’s representatives, that’s what we do, why we advocate for you, and how together we transform financial performance through open collaboration—integrating your know-how into our process at every step so you’re always in control.

We bring the incredible power of open perspectives, licensed expertise, and intelligent data analytics so you can thrive on your own untapped value by informing you of better choices you never realized were possible.

Is it often you find a company who gives you $20-$100 ROI or more for every dollar invested in their services?

Have you ever seen sustaining ROI like this before?

We deliver extraordinary value. That’ll never change.

Take care, stay safe, and be well.

Dave Carlson