Upland River Cleanup">

Combined Remedies for Upland and River Cleanup, East Brookfield, MA

On behalf of Saucony, Inc. and the Town of East Brookfield, this environmental assessment/cleanup compliance program addressed soil and sediment impacts in upland, riparian, and riverine portions of this site where critical wildlife habit existed. Historic mercury, arsenic, lead, chromium, coal residual, pesticides, and other industrial chemical releases at this former hat factory also affected a segment of the abutting East Brookfield River and its wetland.

The combined containment, treatment, and targeted soil/sediment removal remedies were implemented across this complex site requiring federal, state, and local regulatory approvals. Despite this site’s complexities, our team’s proactive agency outreach and engagement expedited all upland and in-river permit approvals within six months of application submittal.

Further team innovations helped streamline site remedy implementation including river diversion, riverbed dewatering, surface water treatment before downriver discharge, limited soil/sediment removal, armored riverbed capping, and in-situ chemical oxidation treatment. This astonishingly successful site cleanup program finished 18% under-budget not including the US$2-million transferrable tax credits secured for the owner after this site achieved an unrestricted future use outcome.