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Environmental Owner's Representation

You rely on unbiased data with context and accurate information with insight as you strive to restore compliance for your environmental project.

If your community or business were spending a great deal of resources, time, and money to construct a major building or other capital investment project, accepted best practice tells you that it’s in your best interest to hire an independent construction owner’s representative.

When communities and businesses face the prospect of expensive environmental projects, it also makes sense to retain an independent environmental owner’s representative to look after your best interest and keep you on course for a successful outcome.

Your success hinges on making the right decisions to resolve an environmental matter even when confronted with shifting regulations, evolving standards-of-care, and conflicting advice about how best to proceed.

As your independent advisor, we offer unbiased feedback on what’s going right or what could be done better so your project scope, schedule, and budget stay on track.

Execution effectiveness is crucial to your success. Prudent actions avoid unintended consequences. Always through collaborative teamwork.

To make better decisions under these challenging circumstances, you deserve the right data within the correct context, insightful advice guiding you along a certain path, and projects done right—at every step always with your best interest and desired endpoint outcome clearly in mind.

As experienced environmental practitioners, we balance all these elements to deliver greater value and secure better results for you—often with savings that are many multiples of our fee.

Here are just a few capabilities, which we do well:

  • Environmental site assessment, cleanup, and closure
  • Predictive data analytics and decision analysis
  • Emerging contaminants like PFAS, 1,4-dioxane, etc.
  • Existing contaminants like solvents, metals, fuels, coal ash residuals, etc.
  • Independent environmental peer reviews
  • Strategic guidance, tactical advice, and technical audits
  • Combined in-situ cleanup remedies
  • Remedial process optimization
  • Process Safety Management
  • Project, program, and portfolio management

Simply stated, if you can think of a need to be met or gap to be filled, we—together with our technically expert network—have done it or are doing it.

Align With Purpose.
Empower Success Through Collaboration.

Cross-Functional Team Integration

Today multiple-consulting firm teams are increasingly engaged to reach environmental compliance goals. Whether you seek better alignment with shared purpose, technical leadership through practical innovation, or both, your success rests on singular focus, personal investment, and productive collaboration to optimize opportunities, risks, and costs.

We guide your team to deliver better service with accomplished skill, inspiring ideas, and effective execution.

We bridge barriers, instill positive behaviors, and improve team engagement through our decades of frontline experience leading cross-functional talent to be their best.

We’ve gained our client-care and team-building expertise in the trenches, on the road, and around the world as client service champions, expert team leaders, and global team integrators who pioneered new standards-of-care working with the clients we’ve served.

Our team leadership—drawing on real-world insights, hands-on experience, and cutting-edge technologies—helps you secure success tailored to your needs in these key areas and more:

  • Cross-functional teamwork
  • Client care transformation
  • Purposeful, practical innovation