Why Environmental Owner’s Representatives Exist

Shape Change, Risk, and Value for Greater Good

The technical, regulatory, and social landscapes framing environmental site compliance today are dynamically shifting at rates and magnitudes seldom witnessed before. When contaminant releases occur and environmental response actions to address them begin, owner obligations and site complexities stretch the bounds of routine EH&S operational compliance.

Owners who experience a release condition undertake response actions including release notification, site characterization, public outreach, risk reduction measures, remedy selection/design, multijurisdictional permitting, remedy implementation, and site closure. To move this unfamiliar and uncertain compliance process forward, owners hire consultants in whom you place your trust, but with limited means to confirm if they’re acting in your best interest.

As integral extensions of your in-house EH&S team, environmental owner’s representatives (reps) enable owners to “trust, but verify” whether consultants are fulfilling their promises on which your success relies. As environmental owner’s reps bringing the practical insights, know-how, and drive that your local team may need, we help owners assess and clean up all types of contaminant releases across North America and beyond. We know which approaches work, how best to manage uncertainty and limit risk, and where opportunities exist to save costs, build value, and make your optimal outcome a reality.

As licensed professional practitioners, we have directed hundreds of complex environmental programs. We empower your EH&S team with the hands-on experience of our unique technical expert network to improve scope, schedule, and budget performance during whichever project phase you’re currently immersed. Giving you complete control, our scalable on-demand service is there when you need us to be—delivering you timely optimal benefit.

Our practical advice transcends project phases—helping you better manage risks, resources, time, and money. The earlier you involve us, the more positive change we shape, risk exposure we prevent, and life-cycle value we secure. Regardless of where you are in your compliance program, we deliver significant benefits for you.

As your in-house EH&S team’s trusted advisor, we give you a strong voice in your compliance process with the confidence to make the right choices no matter how difficult site conditions may seem. We advise you in layman’s terms about what’s really happening with your contaminant release. We tell you the straight story about where today’s actions will take you, and how to proactively course-correct when necessary to drive your project toward your optimal endpoint by applying practical science and proven means with far less capital outlay and overhead burden.

With our expert technical support of your in-house EH&S team, owners are freed to think more strategically, knowing that your project is on-track and on-pace to assure a safer, smarter, faster, better, and cheaper outcome than it would otherwise. No longer are time and resource constraints forcing you to settle for results lacking one or more of these five vital features. We empower you to attain optimal outcomes that deliver them all.

Level Up Environmental Compliance with Lean Advantage

Environmental owner’s reps offer you unbiased strategic guidance and tactical insight with expert situational awareness. Since our technical skills and experience span geographies, we work with your in-house EH&S team and local consultant to bring fresh perspectives on evolving standards-of-practice, enabling technologies, and shifting regulatory trends happening elsewhere that proactively head off complications on your project.

We typically start with a thorough peer review that carefully assesses key elements of your environmental compliance program—technical, contractual, financial, etc. Owners rely on us to talk straight, give context, and share insight about what’s being planned, done, and reported at your site. Our insights into where your program’s heading, what consequences you’ll face, and how to navigate site challenges create value no matter at which project phase you involve us.

Our advice helps you choose advantaged compliance pathways, streamline project execution, and rid risk exposure at every step. Always keeping your desired endpoint clearly in sight, we sift through what may seem to you like an environmental data storm and translate arcane abstractions into clear concepts, offering you lower-cost options that improve project quality.

By no means exhaustive, here are a few among many questions whose answers are crucial to your success during each program phase.

Planning and Assessment

You as owner are affected by every single decision your consultant makes. Your success hinges on your team starting with your endpoint goal in mind and keeping that goal in crystal-clear focus as your environmental compliance program advances. Ask yourself:

  1. Is your team working toward a clearly articulated and safely secured endpoint guided from the start by a risk-informed and bias-free conceptual site model?
  2. Is the A-team you interviewed and selected still dedicated to your program or are personnel changes impacting your consulting service and work product experiences?
  3. Is your environmental assessment program taking on the appearance of an unending “science project” rather than a risk-resolving site investigation?
  4. Do you have an easy relationship with a consultant who’s all-in, readily accessible, always responsive, and clearly informing you at every turn?


Design-phase optimization rises or falls on a “blinders-off” technical design approach tailored to your site, creating a uniquely advantaged site-specific outcome. Multidisciplinary teams led with practical vision create more robust remedies for owners. Ask yourself:

  1. Will your remedy effectively control all source-pathway-receptor linkages between your site’s contaminant releases and exposure points?
  2. Will your remedy address the evolving standards-of-care when it’s built or is it destined for regulatory delay, dispute, and/or rejection that will cost you?
  3. Does the proposed remedy create secondary waste streams, more toxic breakdown byproducts, or operational obligations leading to as-yet undisclosed costs?
  4. Have you identified any flaws in the selected remedy design that may cause major risk, scope, schedule, and/or cost impacts during construction?


Permitting is as integral to the phases noted above as it’s instrumental to your success in the phases that follow. When done right, effective permitting accelerates agency approval processes; it doesn’t fall victim to them causing you undue delay and expense. Ask yourself:

  1. Do your permit applications include sound scientific bases, satisfy agency requirements, and draw on pertinent precedent to ease the permit approval processes?
  2. Is your consultant doing all they can to prevent unintended consequences—containing risk, scope, time, and cost while enhancing the remedy’s efficacy?
  3. Is your team adept at community and agency engagement?
  4. Have your permit applications been plagued by excessive delays in response to public and agency comments, misunderstandings, or misgivings?


We’ve been on the fast-paced frontlines of emergency response actions, imminent hazard abatement, and natural resource damage control. We’ve helped owners answer multijurisdictional regulatory demands amid contentious settings. We’ve delivered on our promises to attain shared endpoint outcomes that draw parties together.

Fresh ideas, perspectives, and drive enable owners to challenge consultants to imagine, create, and build innovative and practical remedies. Time and time again, our experience has demonstrated that all parties’ goals can be achieved together through shared endpoint outcomes. Ask yourself:

  1. Is your remedy future-proofed to answer, for example, community needs, regulatory shifts, and climate change?
  2. Has your consultant answered all community, agency, and your requirements to deliver a permanent remedy that’s effective, durable, and sustainable?
  3. Are environmental contractor requests for proposal prepared by your consultant structured to protect you against future construction risk exposures?
  4. Are you experiencing late-stage change-order requests with no justifiable scope, schedule, and/or benefit basis?

Remedy Operation and Maintenance

Whether permanent or temporary solutions, site compliance outcomes create either endpoint certainty or perpetual works-in-progress for owners. Our experience shows that the earlier your team focuses on your desired endpoint, the more certain an optimal outcome becomes. Ask yourself:

  1. Does your remedy avoid complicating O&M requirements that don’t add value for you?
  2. Are deed restrictions or other encumbrances at your site limiting future site use, imposing operational constraints, and/or diminishing asset value?
  3. Is your remedy positioned to pass technical, targeted, and/or random regulatory audits?
  4. Does your environmental compliance endpoint cause you to incur excess safety, risk, scope, schedule, and cost exposures—or does it prevent or eliminate them?

We see true innovation—the synergistic, transformative, and practical kind—when we challenge teams to question conventional thinking, collaborate across disciplines, accept divergent views, and stretch beyond comfort zones.

Only then are the roadblocks to useful innovation cleared and springboards created for astonishing outcomes that are—once and for all—safer, smarter, faster, better, and cheaper.

Capitalize on Free—Straight to Your Bottom Line

The biggest surprise for owners is that environmental owner’s reps routinely deliver lean operational advantages at zero net cost to owners.

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